Walawaani njindiwan ngayaga Yuin Natalie Bateman

My name is Natalie Bateman. I am a descendant of one of the largest families on the NSW south coast.

My kinship, our connection to the land and sea strongly influenced the subjects of my art. My family and culture are my life and are at the centre of who I am. It is what gives me the courage and colours to paint.

For many years I did dot style in my art however today I now use line work in my paintings, this is the Yuin way of making markings and my way of telling my story.

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Natalie Bateman – Aboriginal Art

Artwork Spotlight

This is the Land We Roam, This is the Land I call Home, and this is the Land of my People.
This is the Land We Roam, This is the Land I call Home, and this is the Land of my People.

This painting represents our Yuin Nation and how our past ancestors and mob today roam our Yuin homelands. Gulaga (the southern ocean blue colour) sits amongst the triangle pattern. This blue is the Yuin people’s colour. Gulaga is our sacred mountain, she is a pregnant woman and it is where all life began for us Yuin People. The triangles all connect, they represents the land markings e.g. hills, mountains, rivers, creeks, estuaries, coastlines, gullies ect. The triangles also represent the parent & child, male and female and all living things on and in the land. The triangles also represent the day/night and the universe. Amongst the lines lives the spiritual energy of our songlines.

In our Yuin Country we have many caves and some rock art. Yuin people’s art is mainly lines. On Gulaga Mountain there is one side with female gum trees and the other male gum trees. There are women sites and men sites. Many of the surrounding tribes would come to Gulaga to do coroborree. You can see Gulaga from so many different surrounding towns. Gulaga has two Sons, Barrungubba (Montague Island) and Nadjanugga (the baby mountain near Tilba Tilba). Tilba Tilba is where my Great Grandfather Teddie Stewart was born. And his mother and father had the last traditional marriage at Wallaga Lake.

The triangles are my DNA in this land that I love and roam around on so much.